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  • Mon
    Brian Craigie . 04 March 2013
    Use care when registering. We have one or two email addresses bouncing back in the registration system because the registrant made a typo in their email address.  Obviously, if this has happened, we can't contact you to let you know.   If you have registered and did not receive an activation email within an hour or so, or if you are having trouble registering, please let us know. Please include your phone number as in some cases we have found the problem is with the email and still cannot reply to you.
  • Fri
    Brian Craigie . 01 March 2013
    Oh! There's news! The website has had a bit of a spring clean and I've installed a new Forum.  It is no longer publicly visible which means your posts will only be seen by members, but it does now mean you have to register to be able to post to the forum. At present, the forum has only a few Categories.  Feel free to suggest a Category using the Suggestion Box in the Forum. Brian